When I turn my face 

toward the sun...


This is the future I see...

The process of creating buildings, spaces and places feels like playing a team sport, full of victories and heartbreak shared by a set of people focused on working together to achieve a common goal. 

All of the parties involved in constructing our built environment take stock of the impact and value they bring to the world and work together to ensure it resembles what they truly want to bring. 

Building Design Professionals define their roles in a way that funnels all of their caring awareness and creative energy into generating the lasting changes they want to see in the world. 

Machines and AI have taken over!! And we embrace it. Now we can bring our full selves to the human aspects of designing buildings that require thoughtful nuance and empathy. 

Leaders of organizations view their role as one in a collective of roles that, together, form the whole. The work they perform is no more or less crucial than the work performed in every corner of the company.