What clients are saying...

"Working with Bonnie was an excellent experience! She helped me effectively develop my own inner voice, realize what I want faster than I would otherwise, and implement steps to make that happen. She is passionate and wise. I appreciate working with Bonnie because of who she is and her ability to see the parts of me that I can bring forth and knowing how to do so."   -M.L.

"Working with Bonnie was absolutely amazing. I had thought about trying coaching sessions for a long time - and I'm so glad I finally went for it. I came to Bonnie feeling very overwhelmed about my current career path. I was having trouble identifying my next strategic move and felt my professional development was being stunted as a result of my indecision. In our sessions, Bonnie walked me through various exercises that really helped me dissect some of my own goals and motivations. After a few months working together, I found myself more in tune with my inner voice and excited about the decisions ahead. 

Admittedly, I felt very out of my element before my first coaching call - self exploration is not always easy, and I was quite nervous. Bonnie immediately was able to put me at ease, creating an empathetic environment where I felt supported yet challenged. She always listened carefully and responded to me with unbiased feedback. She also provided me with meaningful assignments between our sessions that helped me put my new knowledge to use. I left our series of sessions with a clearer image of myself, my goals, and the new path I was planning to build going forward. I would absolutely recommend Bonnie to anyone who is considering coaching!"   -A.S.